My reasons for building an online multi-project access to justice business.

     I am committed to helping people access justice, attain to freedom and become more involved in their communities.  I have developed a sub-contracting paralegal business and have also begun to consult other professionals on how to build the same types of businesses.  I have developed a project that those of us who are clerical professionals can help a community group to organize which helps kids on juvenile probation complete their community service hours.  I have a small business registration website called NAOLDP.  I help people obtain to legal services via alternative routes and to shield their identities.  I am in the development phase of an expert law system software as a service project and our software is currently a functional contact form with the ability to connect to other document management software programs via Zapier.  As a part of the value of the software, we host WordPress & cPanel on AWS for $15 Monthly.  I have a crypto utility token in the works that is designed to put the control of service payment distributions in the hands of the buyer so as to replace lawyer's trust accounting and escrow.  All together these elements make up the components of my online multi-project access to justice business.                                  
 Regards - James F. Polk           
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